Information Management Audit and Assessment

Our information governance health check provides an assessment of your complete information management framework including records management, document management and control, information assurance and legal compliance. We measure your conformance to a range of relevant standards and best practice to streamline your operation by highlighting gaps, inefficiencies and duplication of effort.


  • Holistic assessment of information, records and document management system against recognised standards and best practice.


  • ISO 27001 Information security management systems
  • ISO 30301 Management systems for records
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems
  • ISO 15489-1 Records Management – Concepts and Principles
  • GARP Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles

Our information compliance audit and assessment validates your compliance with international and national legal requirements for information management, including information-specific legislation such as the European Union Data Protection Directive and new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), local freedom of information legislation, and information requirements arising from international and local financial laws and regulations, good governance and transparency requirements.

Our records management assessment reviews the management of your organisational records and information to maximise accessibility, minimise storage costs and ensure compliance with legal requirements.

Our service:

  • Records management policy framework review
  • Records classification review
  • Records retention review, including assessment of retention policy and implementation against legal requirements, best practice and business needs.
  • Information/Records survey, including identification and documentation of all categories of corporate information assets to support management of risk and optimise asset realization.


  • ISO 15489-1 Records Management – Concepts and Principles
  • ISO/TR 15489-2 Records Management – Guidelines
  • ISO/TR 26122 Work process analysis for records
  • ISO/TR 18128 Risk assessment for records processes and systems

Our technical documentation assessment validates your conformance to international standards and best practice for technical documentation and drawings for regulated process industries. Our review includes project information management processes for document creation and transfer, review and approval cycles, redline mark-up, handover between project phases, as building, and final handover (“Documentation for Operation”)

We further assess the whole information lifecycle including processes for ownership and custodianship, cyclic review and approval, revision control, accessibility, document retirement and archiving.


  • ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems
  • NORSOK Z-001 Documentation for Operation
  • NORSOK Z-003 Technical Information Flow Requirements
  • IEC 82045-1 Document management – Principles and methods
  • ISO 11005 Technical product documentation – Use of main documents
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