Information taxonomy

Information taxonomy is an essential tool for managing, controlling and optimizing access to your corporate information.

Our team specialise in the development of custom functional taxonomies that are robust to change in highly dynamic organisations. Our functional approach is designed be deployable across platforms and systems, hard copy and soft copy, meeting requirements for document management, records classification, file plans, archiving and disposal.


  • Development of function-based taxonomies tailored to your business requirements to maximise findability and control of information across business systems
  • Implementation of records classification schemes and file plans to realize the benefits of classification and support the efficient lifecycle management of your information and data
  • Specialists in Oil and Gas industry taxonomy (upstream, midstream and downstream)
  • Licensing of generic functional model taxonomy and customisation to meet business needs


  • ISO 23081 Managing Metadata for records
  • IEC 82045-2 Document management -Metadata elements and information reference model
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